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Telehealth Sessions

Treatment has been proven to be effective with both phone and video calls. Please bear in mind that the strength of your internet connection will significantly effect the quality of the call (video speed and audio-video sync). If you are unsure of your internet connection or uncomfortable using video platforms, I am recommending the use of phone sessions.


To make telehealth sessions as useful as in person sessions, I suggest:

  • Protect your privacy. Let those around you know you will be unavailable for the next 50 minutes and go behind a locked door. If you have a white noise machine or iPad, laptop, or old smart phone, consider downloading a white noise app and place it next to the door, facing out. Check out my resources page for links to white noise app options. 

  • Reduce distractions. Plan to meet basic needs before the session (meals/snacks, bathroom, movement) so you can focus on our work together. Be mindful of which room you choose. Avoid your own bedroom or getting on a bed at all. Make sure no television is on around you or a window that shows you a busy street.

  • Come ready to work. Get your therapy journal or a notebook and pen. If possible, sit down at a table or somewhere that you can focus and work. During the session, write out things that are important to you and write out your homework. 

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