COVID-19 Practice Change Update  

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing efforts to reduce spread and protect others, all sessions will be held using phone or video. Because most video platforms are already overwhelmed, I am recommending use of phone sessions. To make phone sessions as useful as in person sessions, I suggest:

  • Protect your privacy. Let those around you know you will be unavailable for the next 50 minutes and go behind a locked door. If you have a white noise machine or iPad, laptop, or old smart phone, consider downloading a white noise app and place it next to the door, facing out. Check out my resources page for links to white noise app options. 

  • Reduce distractions. Plan to meet basic needs before the session (meals/snacks, bathroom, movement) so you can focus on our work together. Be mindful of which room you choose. Avoid your own bedroom or getting on a bed at all. Make sure no television is on around you or a window that shows you a busy street.

  • Come ready to work. Get your therapy journal or a notebook and pen. If possible, sit down at a table or somewhere that you can focus and work. During the session, write out things that are important to you and write out your homework. 


I am aware that for some the recent changes related to COVID-19 and social distancing have caused employment changes. If you have been impacted by this and payment for sessions has become difficult, please bring this up with me. I want to make sure that during this time those in need of counseling are able to obtain services. We can work together to find something that is functional. 

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