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Rates and Information

Therapy is an important investment into yourself, your relationships, and your ability to reach your goals. Working hard in therapy often results in improvements not just in yourself (mood, perspectives, energy) but in your relationships and activities (work, education, play).

The fee for a 50 minute session is $185.00. This is the same for individuals, couples, family, and first or subsequent sessions. Regular business hours are between 8am and 5pm. To maintain a healthy work-life balance Kelsey offers very limited evening hours. Please be aware of the high demand and longer waitlist times for sessions after 4pm. The rate for sessions outside regular business hours is $210.00.

I am an out-of-network provider with insurance. Patients will be given information needed to submit out-of-network claims with insurance for reimbursement should they choose through the patient portal at the end of every month.

I have worked at an insurance-based practice and initially accepted insurance when I started my business. As I have chosen to continue to pursue more rigorous training and certifications to provide specialized care, I became more aware of the complications in working as an in-network provider. Becoming specialized in multiple and overlapping areas of concern and treatments means I need the freedom to pull from several treatment options to provide high quality and comprehensive care. Agreeing to be in network with insurance would often restrict me in the treatment options and types of sessions I provide.

As my specialties evolved, I realized accepting insurance no longer made sense for the work I do. For example, I often will do on-location exposure sessions for phobias or OCD concerns or provide home based sessions for my patients who have just welcomed a baby. These sessions and the advanced integration of treatment approaches I use due to my specialized training are often not permitted if I were credentialed as in-network. Ultimately, my decision to be out-of-network came down acting with ethics, integrity and honoring the privacy of my patients.

Insurance companies operate on a medical model, which means they require a diagnosis to establish that you have “a medical necessity” to seek services in order to pay providers. Many insurance companies don’t consider the things we are working on as medically necessary, or debilitating enough to reimburse. If I gave a diagnosis that I know doesn’t fit but would get reimbursed, I’d essentially be committing insurance fraud. There are providers out there are willing walk this fine line and take this risk. In my opinion, the penalties and professional consequences of insurance fraud are significant and unjustifiable.

If I give a diagnosis, it becomes a part of your medical record. While that might not be such a big deal right now, it may become one later on if you want to: get life insurance, work in the financial sector managing other’s assets, gain security clearance for work, regularly handle firearms, or seek employment in any sector in which your decision-making might be called into question due to your emotional state.

It is important to me that my patients get help they need without fear, stigma, or reprisal for making their mental health and personal growth a priority.

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